Bucket List: Autumn 2014 Edition

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been perusing blogs non-stop now for about two months because of my job. One thing I’ve found on a few blogs that I love is a bucket list. Some are seasonal, some are weekly, some are lifetime lists. I LOVE this idea and want to set one up for myself. It is going to be fairly simple, because let’s be honest (I say this a lot lately, must be important for me to be honest), I can’t seem to get much done lately because I’m battling depression, fatigue, every possible illness known to human kind (yes, I have the plague, leprosy, and dengue fever), and STUFF. KEEPS. PILING. ON.

(Please tell me you found my white kitty and are returning him to me… I am seriously bummed that he is missing, he was my grief kitty. I really miss the little, furry, monster.)

So, let’s keep it simple, because that’s all that’s gonna happen right now.


Autumn 2014 Personal Bucket List

1. Attempt to make something out of my string lights and branches
2. Make bread
3. Make one of the recipes from my Eats: Soups board. // COMPLETE, I made this white bean chili from Gimme Some Oven. It’s on our must make often list.
4. Memorize page 2 of the piano sheet music of Imagine by John Lennon // COMPLETE, halfway done with page 2!
5. Complete one sewing project from my DIY SEWING board.
6. Write a goodbye letter to my mom // COMPLETE, see THIS POST.
7. Start C25K program…again // COMPLETE, I started running again right before Thanksgiving… but then I stopped again. Grrrr… MUST. KEEP. GOING.
8. Complete a random act of kindness
9. Finish 2 Books // COMPLETE, The Book Thief, Number the Stars – proof HERE
10. Complete a full 24 hours without saying, “I don’t feel well,” or “I’m tired.”
11. Arrange and complete a double date // COMPLETE, saw a stupid movie that I refuse to name here because it deserves no publicity.
12. Drive up into the canyon to look at the Fall colors // COMPLETE, see photo evidence.
13. Arrange and complete a family activity // COMPLETE, watched World War Z with Justin and my stepdad. 

What about you? Are you currently working on a bucket list? If so, what are some of the items on your list? If you don’t have one, what are some things that would be on your list? Share them below, I’d love to get some more ideas!


46 Comments on “Bucket List: Autumn 2014 Edition

  1. I’m all for making bread too. I’m not talking about banana bread. I’m interested in really getting into the regular kinda stuff. I hope it’s easy, becuase I want to do it within the next week or so lol

  2. That’s a great autumn bucket list! If you make something out of the string of lights and branches please do share, would love to see it :)

  3. Love the list, the only thing I would like to accomplish is probably to take my pictures with my big camera! I find it hard to carry it around, but I know I need to document my dogs with it more :)

    • I have one too and I am pretty terrible at using it. We’ll be halfway to a fun destination and my husband will say, “did you bring the SLR?” And then I’ll feel like a dork for leaving it home.

  4. I LOVE bucket lists and reading others! I have a ’25 before 25′ bucket list right now! I love the “Complete a full 24 hours without saying, “I don’t feel well,” or “I’m tired.” I need to try that myself <3

    • These days it seems to be my go to phrase. I’ve got to nip complaining in the bud!

    • Thanks for the faith in me! I better get my craftiness juices flowing so I can get that done!

  5. I love seasonal bucket lists! Such a great way to pull the “someday” into the “now”. PS, I have the easiest, most delicious foccoccia recipe on my blog – you should check it out for your bucket list! Let me know if you like it!

    • WHAT?! I’m drooling already… feel free to paste the link in a comment if you want. I’d love to try it especially if you say it’s the easiest! My kind of recipe!

    • Thank you! I hope when I do make bread it turns out. It will be my first attempt!

  6. Fall is my favorite season! I need to make a bucket list! There are so many things that I only get to enjoy for a limited amount of time, because southern California practically skips Fall and Winter.

  7. Pretty picture!! I’m right there with you on making bread! I love the smell of homemade bread and how fun would it be to have some fresh stuff?!

  8. I go thru phases with bucket lists, having them, not having them. Right I am a not having one phase as I just have too much going on!

  9. I’m new to reading your blog and just wanted to say I’m so sorry for your loss… I hope that writing that letter is very therapeutic for you. xx The rest of your list is really great, I hope you’ll post whatever you make out of branches and lights!

    • Thank you so much! I plan to post it once I finally get it created. The branches are pretty gross at the moment so I have to clean them.

  10. I’ve never thought about a seasonal bucket list and I kind of love this! And definitely take pictures of all the fall colors at the canyon!

  11. What a great list. AND I’m dying to make bread- I’ve had a bread maker since my wedding (5 years ago) and have yet to use it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! Bread is a staple in my life, I need to get on it! :)

  12. This is a great list, and I love that top photo. I think mine is more of a life list in general. I quit making deadlines for stuff I wanted to do and instead just strive towards those goals continually. It’s working out so far.

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